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Branding 101: Your Logo Matters

Conceptually speaking, your brand is a combination of reputation and appearance. It’s a physical embodiment and a psychological understanding. A good brand accurately connects these concepts; a lesser brand does not. When investing in promotional products, your brand is everything.

So how do you ensure that your physical brand has what it takes? What makes a "good" brand and logo?s

First, it needs to be relevant. Think theme. What imagery tells the story of your business? Is it modern or classic? In-your-face or more subdued? Budget-oriented or luxury-focused? You know your market. If your logo doesn’t “speak” to that market, then you’ve lost it. Your customers won’t recognize you or they’ll be confused about your product or service.  

Next, it has to be memorable. Creativity helps, but it doesn’t guarantee that your brand will be memorable. Combine creativity with a story, or a subliminal suggestion, and you have a winner. Your logo has to stand for something; a cool design is just a starting point. But avoid being too literal. The connection between your logo and your business shouldn’t be a riddle, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little interpretive. A picture of a broom for a cleaning business doesn’t set you apart from any other cleaning business. But a crisp, clean font might. It tells your customer what you’re about without literally telling your customer what you’re about. That’s the next level.

Last, keep it simple. Your brand needs to be versatile. It should look just as good on a billboard as it does on a drink coaster. That’s easier to accomplish when your brand isn’t littered with unnecessary visual detail or wording. And it will be easier to identify and remember. 

Put these in practice and you’ll have yourself a winner. Then all you have to do is deliver the goods. 

About LogoDojo. LogoDojo is your one-stop-shop for bringing your brand to life. Focusing on All Things Branded, LogoDojo gives our customers virtually unlimited ways to bring their brands to market.

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